Email Marketing

Email Marketing being the most successful digital marketing method and most evolved of all the marketing, highly depends on the email list. Now, purchasing the email list is great idea but it's too often expensive and hectic. With our team of experts, we provide customized list building solutions for your specific campaigns. Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches - at scale. David Newman

It's simple to signup for a Email Marketing tool and start sending your first campaign. However, we at CGS use our proprietary methodology to run any email campaign.

It's worth taking a minute to define our goals and what we are aiming to achieve with this email.

Once we have established our goals and defined what we are aiming to achieve, we start building our Email lists. Building the email list for any campaign can be done primarily in two ways, but really the best way to choose, depends on the Goals we have established.

If a campaign is targeted for existing customers or known target audiences, we simply import list of emails we have in our Managed Databases. If a campaign is targeted for new audiences, we start capturing email addresses and building our list from scratch. Now, there are countless ways listed on Web defining how to build new email lists and although we do constantly keep endeavouring new methods, here's how we primarily do it.

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